Learn how to make art on your iPad

Hello, I’m Hilary Walker and I’ve been creating art on my iPad since seeing David Hockney do it in 2012.

My courses and workshops will help you to use your iPad as a powerful way of expressing your creative side. Learn techniques in a friendly, supportive class environment. Master a new technique each week and have the chance to practise what you’ve learned, building on your skills. As you develop you will be able to create stunning pictures using a wide range of brushes, colours and effects. It’s totally absorbing and addictive!

I will help you open the door to your creative energy, enabling you to create pictures in a way that’s just not possible by other means.

So join me on my courses and workshops, begin your digital journey and start to

Create Without Paint!

For course enquiries please use the Contact Me tab

 or email me directly:  info@createwithoutpaint.co.uk