David Hockney’s retrospective at Tate Britain is the fastest selling show in the gallery’s history, with 70 works created using iPad or iPhone.

Inspired? Learn the techniques and skills from teacher Hilary Walker who runs an iPad art course at the cornerHOUSE next month.

“We’ll develop and practise our skills in a supportive environment, learning how to create art in a way that’s just not possible by any other means,” said Hilary. The artist, who trained in printmaking and Photoshop, says it suits beginners and the with some experience. “All you need is your iPad, an (optional) stylus and the app Procreate,which costs £4.49 to download if you haven’t got it already.”

Skills learned over the years have given her an insight into the multi-stage processes needed to create advanced iPad digital art. “I’ve come long way since early experimenting, and now create most of my work on the iPad. The versatility of digital art is such that I find the more I learn, the more I see new ways of using my iPad.”

“Whatever your experience, drawing and painting on an iPad is tremendous fun, addictive and the sky’s the limit!” she added, with these psychedelic zebras (above) a good example.

The eight-week course runs on Tuesdays from April 25, 7.30 – 9.30pm at the cornerHOUSE, Douglas Road. For more details or to enrol, visit: www.createwithoutpaint.co.uk