About Me

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 Learn how to use your iPad for Art

I am an experienced artist and a trained teacher. I have drawn and painted animals since the age of two and I have never lost my early fascination with the natural world. I have a BSc Honours degree in Zoology and Psychology and I specialise in drawing animals, in creative photography and in abstract art. My work centres on exploring the relationship between colour and form.

My training in traditional printmaking techniques and in Photoshop have given me a unique insight into using the multistage processes required for creating advanced iPad digital art

I am so excited to have discovered the potential of iPad art. It allows you to use line, colour, collage, photography and much more – easily and in an infinite number of ways.

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. It’s always thrilling for me to see how students develop their confidence and skills as they learn and it’s a delight to see the end results of everyone’s hard work!